Are you a highly-sensitive person?

Being sensitive gives you the ability to perceive other human beings from the depth of emotions and to be able to feel and understand deeply.  This is not a bad thing at all. It is an ability that some of us have. It allows you to form deep connections and pick up on peoples emotions quickly. But there is a difference, when you are sensitive and when you are overly sensitive.

Sometimes you may be struggling with this feeling inside you; the feeling of being sensitive to every matter, every situation, every conversation. You become critical of your everyday surroundings. When you are overly sensitive you tend to over-analyse what people said, no matter how petty the matter was. You tend to hate criticism and not take it well. You resort to shyness because your sensitive nature makes you appear that way, and slowly you allow this shyness to takeover you. You tend to feel negative because of your oversensitive nature and not many people realize how tender your heart is but if you know someone realizes it then you tend to back away from them, fearing that they might take advantage of you… People might perceive you as immature when in reality you are really really mature. Perhaps you come across that way because you are always smiling, joking and avoiding serious topics, to avoid triggering your sensitive side and hurting your sensitive heart.

I have been down the line where due to my over-sensitivity, I was always told to ‘toughen up’ or ‘stop catching feelings’. This made me become even more sensitive.  My empathetic and sensitive nature has been confused for weakness, my sensitive heart was under no control and was always hurt. But over time, I realized that I am sensitive by nature, and it is just that I had taken my sensitivity to the point where I let it make me feel negative instead of positive; I was over-sensitive. You do not have to lose your sensitive nature! I want to help you make sure that it is of the healthy kind, and not the kind where you are not able to take criticism or are always despising  people or always feeling ‘bummed’ out. If you have a sensitive nature, firstly embrace it because it is beautiful and it makes you….YOU. But you need to stop the over-sensitivity and instead be at a healthy level of sensitivity. This article can help stop making you feel weak and stop letting the sensitivity take-over you . Either way, let us begin.


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Be confident in your skin and evolve from that shyness that is keeping you repressed from moving forward. Become confident with the person you are and most importantly, the sensitive nature you hold. Be confident that you will be able to control it as well as be able to embrace it. When you do this, you will see that naturally you will become calm and not hate yourself for being the sensitive kind. Tell yourself that “I am beautiful’,  mean it and speak as if you are filled with passion. Tell yourself that “I can do it”, because as much as you might think you cant become more confident, you always can. If you constantly think or tell yourself that ‘I am weak’, ‘I am useless’ , ‘I am too sensitive’, ‘I cant speak well’, then this will always be the case. But when you put your foot down and start by changing those thoughts everyday, no matter how hard it is, then you will manage to push the over-sensitivity out and leave room for healthy sensitivity.


Being overly sensitive might make you believe that anybody who speaks in a sharp and loud voice are trying to put you down. But remember, in your mind, you already think that way. Instead don’t put it in your mind that you dislike loud people, tend to understand them instead. They might naturally be loud and domineering, and because you may be quieter they appear intimidating. If anything, you can speak calmly and sharply to them and eventually  you will understand their thinking frame.

You might not realize that when you are overly sensitive,  your jokes might put people down. For example, if you’re joking with someone, make sure it is based on your idea to have a laugh with them, not based on belittling them. Let your jokes be based on a situation, experience or even something funny you saw.

On the other hand your sensitive nature might make you laugh at things that you may not find funny… even when people joke to put you down. You can laugh, sure, but put a firm hand when someone says something to belittle you. Speak calmly and speak sharply and don’t let the words get to you. Do something about it. From time to time you can joke about yourself, if for example you’ve done something silly, hey, why not laugh about it yourself. But don’t let other people constantly put you down because they believe that you will say nothing. You will be able to know when someones jokes are harmless, and when someone aims to put you down.


If you are very sensitive then you are likely to avoid confronting people that you find ‘loud’ or even ‘really outgoing’, in fear of them saying something that will trigger you sensitive button. Take them on, talk to them normally and confront them, be straightforward and do not fear them. You might have social anxiety, which might make you ask yourself ‘should !’, ‘what if!’, and so on. But when you decide that you’re gonna stop hiding, you will realize how much potential you have and you will see yourself having broader perspectives to people and ideas. You will not be in your unhealthy sensitive zone, but you will be able to connect with people on deeper levels, as well as conquering your fear of confronting certain people. Confronting does not necessarily mean starting up a fight, it can simply mean meeting a person and having the right thought process to talk to them.

Try this; talk to people in a jolly yet calm manner, so that if you feel that someone is trying to get under your skin they wont be able to because hey, you don’t fear anyone.


Stop complaining. Enough of feeling drained and hated. Wake up every morning feeling grateful for every little thing you know you are lucky to have, even the simple things such as having a family or even eating food.  Be grateful and be able to enjoy positivity. Why I say that you should enjoy positivity is because when you are overly-sensitive your mind tends to prefer negativity and darkness over positivity and light. Sometimes, deep down you really want to be alone and feel sad, because you don’t think there will be a change. It may seem tempting to want to connect with people on deep levels in order to manipulate them or judge them in odd ways; try not to do that. So start accepting the positivity whenever you can, only then can you push out the negativity and avoid sadness, over-thinking, and so forth and eventually your overly-sensitive nature will die down.

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Having healthier thoughts derives from changing your thought perspective towards the positive, but I wanted it to be a new topic on its own. Always set your mind with thoughts that are going to help you to grow out your overly-sensitive state. For example, If you are going to meet community members do not prepare your mind to expect to find ‘annoying people’ , instead don’t expect anything, except to be calm and considerate and not get dragged into the unhealthy thoughts of those who think in negative ways. This can be termed as: WILLPOWER. Having healthier thoughts means that you are able to put your overly-sensitive nature aside, and be able to remain calm and control yourself.With these thoughts, over-time a good change will come your way.

For me , my nature made me constantly question what was wrong with me, when everyone else was always never as sensitive as I was.  I was always told ‘be strong’, ‘dont be quiet’, ‘open up’ and so many more things. One fine day I was so fed-up with it all that I decided to bring a change upon myself, so I decided to change my thought process and stop saying that “I am sensitive” and instead saying that “I am strong and won’t let my sensitivity get in the way”. And it has helped my thinking process. (From time to time my over-sensitivity can pop-up, but I make sure it doesn’t get in the way).


Do you constantly feel like you have to complain? Perhaps you think you’re the best? Do you find it hard to genuinely apologize? Maybe you want to stand up tall all the time? Do you seem to underestimate everyone you come across? Then perhaps this is ego. When things do not work out your way you may get into a state of sensitivity , hence catching feelings and getting inwardly angry. If this is the case, then maybe your overly-sensitive nature derives from the idea that you have bad ego. There is good ego, and there is bad ego.

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I knew someone who would get anger tantrums, complain, judge, and he always wanted to be the best in everything. He had been brought up in a family that would belittle people and want to be the best, so he too was a culprit. When our friends used to casually joke with him, he would catch feelings and unleash his very sensitive nature, then he would feel upset and not be able to do anything about it. He never realized the problem because he always thought that the problem was with everyone else, but he needed to look deep inside to know that the problem started with him.

Therefore sometimes, our overly-sensitive nature might come from having an ego that does not welcome you to understanding positivity, but instead negativity.


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When you are sensitive you tend to constantly think with your heart. I’ll give you an example, when you think with your heart you associate feelings,tones and emotions to people, and to yourself in everyday life. But when you think with your mind, you do not take into consideration the tone of anybody, even if someone is shouting at the top of their lungs, and voicing words, you will analyse those words in a mature way and come up with your conclusion. In order to stop feeling overly-sensitive and letting it control you, you can start thinking with your mind, and not always with your heart. You can use your heart to associate emotions from time to time but also use your mind to be practical to the points someone is putting forward instead of just associating  emotions to them. When you do this, you will see that your over-analyzing and over-thinking will reduce, and you will find a balance between heart and mind .


When you are a really sensitive person, you tend to set up barriers to protect yourself form being hurt, mostly to appear really tough on the outside in order to protect your soft interior. And when someone says something you might not find pleasing, you retort back with saying something you think is right… You just HAVE to say something. And sometimes that ‘something’ is not so well thought out. You don’t have to retort to everything that everybody does or says to you in order to adhere to your emotional state. Instead sometimes staying silent is the best choice. Or unless you feel the person requires to be responded to go ahead, but not until you’ve thought out your response, not based on your feelings, but on analyzing everything.


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Once you venture into the world and explore things that you might be afraid of, you are likely to be less sensitive because you will have established a broader mind. If for example it is criticism you might be afraid of, challenge yourself and go and take on critics. Ask people what they thought of something you did or you know of. Invite the criticism actively, and push away any feelings of negativity for the response you get. If you fear taking the bus alone, go ahead and get in that bus. These are just examples.  Escaping your comfort zone will let you broaden out and will let you develop the sense of seeing the bigger picture in life.


Perhaps you’ve read my other post and seen that I love to emphasize on loving yourself. Because in day to day life, it really works and helps build on everything you seem to be lacking on. And therefore I’ll never stop emphasizing it. Start by realizing what you feel and what the triggers are to lead to your over-sensitivity. If for example people call you stupid, do you resort with over-thinking, do you think you aren’t smart or knowledgeable enough?

Change those thoughts, find YOUR strengths and always love yourself.


It’s not always ‘bad’ when you are sensitive because sometimes you can be sensitive and still be able to have the confidence to do other things in life. But sometimes you might need to find that extra push away from being overly-sensitive.

Believe in yourself, and remember not to become too sensitive towards everything because you will fall into negativity, and we want to move ahead from that, not back.

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